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Welcome to the year of the Yin Earth Pig! The Pig is the twelfth animal in the Chinese Zodiac so it designates the end of a cycle that began 12 years ago. The year will begin on February 5, 2019, and continue until January 25, 2020, with the year of the Yang Metal Rat. The Pig animal sign is the first of winter signs correlating to November (Rat and Ox following), and has the natural element association of Water and also contains hidden Wood Element. The color of Yin Earth is brown, and so this year can also be called Brown Earth. The animal sign is the Year’s Earthly Branch and Yin Earth is the Year’s Heavenly Stem.

The Pig, or Boar, is naturally bighearted and magnanimous. She enjoys creature comforts and is often a gourmet. She is highly intelligent, faithful, passionate, often quite stylish and hardworking. The Pig is considered to be a tolerant creature and well known for her benevolence. But don’t make the Pig your enemy! She can be irritable and vengeful. She is a perfectionist and does not like to be ignored. She can be lacking in self -confidence, so she will need frequent reassurances she is appreciated. These qualities will vary depending on the month, day and hour you were born. Famous people born in Pig years include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Hillary Clinton, Mark Wahlberg, Amy Winehouse, Ronald Reagan, Lucille Ball, Henry VII of England, Alfred Hitchcock, Albert Schweitzer, and Ernest Hemingway.

Yin Earth is the low lands, or valleys as opposed to Yang Earth which would be high places, plateaus or mountains. Yin Earth is female, Mother Earth, and also represents gardens or farmland, or lands that produce crops through the soil. Yin Earth represents the center. The positive side of Yin Earth is mild, even-tempered, tolerant, fecund, calm, moist, and quiet. The downside of Yin Earth is stubbornness, defiance, and dishonesty. Yin Earth has lack of perspective because it tries to view a situation from the depths of the valley or riverbed rather than from the heights of the mountain top where it can obtain a perspective from all sides.

Five Elements

The Five Elements, or the building blocks of the Universe in Chinese Philosophy, are Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire. They can be easily understood in terms of relationships; specifically, how they transmute from one to the next. This applies not only to family relationships, but Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui, and Astrology (BaZi).

The relationships are:

1. Parent/Child-parent creates child—child drains parent

2. Grandparent/Child – Grandparent controls child—child insults Grandparent

Likewise, there are five factors that indicate how the elements interrelate in terms of human interaction. They are:

  1. Wealth – the element you control
  2. Output – the element you create
  3. Influence – the element that controls you
  4. Resource – the element that creates you
  5. Companion – your same element

In BaZi, one considers the day, hour, month, and year of birth or, with a country or city, its decided date of inception. This is called the Four Pillars of Destiny. The 12 Animals of the Zodiac have correspondences to the hour, day, month, and year. Pig is roughly the month of November, the hours of 9 pm to 11 pm, and the day will vary depending on the exact calendar position. This is considered the Earthly Branch. Long ago, the literati gave animal names to these qualities so the mostly agrarian population would more easily understand. The Heavenly aspect was described in terms of Yin and Yang, and the 5 elements previously discussed. Thus, each year has an Earthly Branch (the animal) and a Heavenly Stem (an Element) and is either Yin or Yang. As you can see, this cycle rolls eternally. It is 60 years (12 animals x 5 elements) Thus, the Chinese calendar is a description of the passage of time as well as a fortune-telling or Divination tool by understanding how the Five Elements interact with the environment and people. Every person, place, country, city has these aspects in their charts. These aspects represent the year, month, day and hour a person was born, when a house was built, or when a city or country was founded. When applied to places, it is the art of Feng Shui.

With this in mind, we can examine this Year of the Yin Earth Pig. It also contains some hidden Yang Wood.

Earth(Year) and Water(Pig)


Earth controls Water. Both are Yin in quality. i.e. the banks of a river holds the water safely

Earth OVER controls Water i.e. a boulder falls into a stream, therefore blocking it. Or,

Water insults Earth, i.e. a river overflows its banks and floods the valley

Water(Pig) and Wood (also Pig)

Water Feeds Wood -i.e. spring rain feeds the garden

Water Overfeeds Wood -i.e. a downpour washes away the plants in the garden

Wood drains Water- i.e. a large plant absorbs every drop of rain that falls to the detriment of the remainder of the garden

Earth (Year) and Wood(Pig)

Wood Controls Earth – i.e. Tree roots push through the soil

Wood over controls Earth – i.e. Tree roots so powerful soil cannot support

Earth Insults Wood – i.e. soils becomes too dense and tree does not thrive because it cannot spread its roots

No Metal in this year’s pillars, but Earth creates metal.

No Fire since last year. This will be discussed elsewhere.

How can we determine which of these possibilities will manifest? Look to the complex Tongshu or Chinese Almanac for more information.


The Year Pillar represents the global or community aspect of a destiny chart. Therefore, if you are a Pig year, everyone born in a pig year, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007 or 2019, for example, will share many of these same qualities as you relate to society. The other three pillars represent family, yourself, spouse, body, and your personality, and children or legacy. The other pillars will vastly influence how the Pig attributes manifest in you and your actions in the world.

Personal Horoscopes and Ji Hai:

In Chinese astrology (BaZi ), as in life, some signs are compatible and others are not. This year Tiger and Pig are auspicious. Pig can also combine with the other winter signs, Rat and Ox, to produce a strong Water element in a chart. Likewise, Pig, Rabbit, and Goat can combine to form a strong Wood element in a chart. These are more complicated aspects of a chart, and you would need to know the details of your chart to know if they appear and if the chart can use them. (I can help)

But then, there are also combinations in the charts that are not so fortunate. The Snake has a conflict with the year of the Pig. A conflict is seen as a challenge and a greater chance for failure or illness than a chance for health and success. What does this mean? Since this is the year Pillar, it will influence the personal chart in matters of community, family, business and other areas not associated with the individual self only such as illness. (If you know all Four of your pillars, and you have Snake in your Day pillar, then this means you must guard your health more this year because the Day Pillar designates your body.) Year Pillar involves the community, church, extended family, state or nation at large. It means generally this is not a great year for Snake to begin a new venture where you need to cooperation of many people because it portends obstacles. However, with this in mind, one can proceed carefully making certain of friends, family and other alliances before embarking in a new endeavor.

The Monkey has a Harm code with Pig. A Harm code is a little more serious than a clash. Monkey and Snake are buddies. But Pig clashes with Snake thus preventing a very auspicious combination of Monkey and Snake. Thus, Harm codes tell us to be aware of problems caused by a third party! Look to your personal BaZi chart to find out if you have Monkey in the Year, Month, Day or Hour pillar so you will be on guard for a potential problem.

There is also a self-conflict recognized in BaZi. This involves people in the year in which they were born. It is called a self-punishment and it thought to be an insult to the god of the year, Tai Shui. Not all signs have self-punishment codes, but Pig does. What does this mean? It means you should be on guard for self-destructive thoughts and actions and doing things you know might be harmful, but doing them anyway. Watch carefully for negative thought patterns and realize they are easier to develop in the Pig year. Recognize your Achilles heel and take extra measures to deal with it so it does not harm you. Put on a few extra pounds? Too much earth. Spending money you don’t have? Too much water. Go-Go-Go and never rest? Too much wood. The Logic is simple – too much of a good thing. Pig Year Squared! Too much of everything! Just be aware!


This year is a preponderance of Yin. Cold, Damp, Dark. Be extra careful next winter to guard your health. It could be a cold damp one for many locations. Eat warm foods, bundle up and get enough rest. Or it could be too much cloud cover in summer, too much rain and generally difficult for health and the garden. Conversely, this condition may be helpful in the summer, providing rains, mild temperatures. For charts that have a Favorable Water or Earth Element, this will be a good year.

In addition, there is a lack of Fire in the Year Pillar. In fact, there is a dearth of Fire Element for this and the next four years. This can cause poor circulation and weak hearts for many people who need this energy.

Within the body, Earth is Spleen/Pancreas. It is most active in late summer or the end of all seasons. Watch for issues with your digestion. Too much sitting harms the Spleen/Pancreas. Avoid too much sugar and fat. Avoid worry if possible.

Water in the body is Kidney/Bladder. They are most active in winter (November to February). They also govern the ears. Guard against too much cold harming the kidneys and be sure to get the correct amount of warm or room temperature water. The Water Element is also associated with Fear. A preponderance of Water, and no Fire for balance can promote issues of fear and loneliness, harming the kidneys.

Wood in the body is the liver and gall bladder and also it governs the eyes and tendons and ligaments. Wood is most active in the Spring (February 1 to May 1). For the liver health moderate fatty foods and alcohol. Work through your emotions of anger. Begin stretching exercises and avoid too much sitting. Stop eating 2-3 hours before bed and eat lots of greens to help the liver detox.


The overriding principle for business and finance is that there will not be a return of Fire element in a year pillar until 2022. Fire energy is uplifting and optimistic. In its absence, pessimism ensues. With this scenario, we expect a long lasting bearish market ahead. While the Water element is typically thought of as money because money should flow smoothly like a river, it is the Fire Element that brings the spark to initiate the activities that bring about this flow. Fire is the warm spark necessary to begin new projects. It is also the Fire element that will evaporate dampness which causes congestion and slow-down in both health and energetically in the marketplace. Some might say there can’t be too much money, but in BaZi, there can be. Too much money can stifle creativity, the drive for morality, ethics, human relationship. It is this aspect of water without Fire this year presents. It’s the flood that wipes away everything in its path. This began in the 2018 Dog year when Fire went into its grave.

That said, Earth industries may be affected in 2019. This natural Water Element Pig in an Earth year symbolizes hidden water which causes the Earth foundation to be weak – think of land with a very high water table. Things seem fine of the surface but will not hold a strong foundation because of the water. Businesses that are earth in nature are ones that involve minerals, stone, Pottery and China and other natural building materials. Mining, insurance, and real estate are Earth-related industries. Antiques are thought to represent earth because they have stood the test of time with the human element. Earth is Water’s Influence Element, and thus Water is controlled by Earth. This is said to be a conflicted situation and thus not beneficial for Earth activities in the year. Earth will spend time controlling water rather than feeding itself. The absence of Fire is detrimental for Earth because Fire creates and nurtures Earth. Lack of Fire can also bring air traffic accidents.

Wood industries should do well this year. The Hidden Wood is fed by Pig’s Water and controls Earth, Wood’s Money Element. Wood industries relate to progress and growth. This means teaching or coaching others to help them succeed whether in academic, health or spiritual fields. Other Wood industries obviously have to do with actual trees and plants – forestry or goods made from wood, garden plants, and farm crops. Because of the creative nature of Wood, artistic careers such as fashion design or architecture are also regarded as Wood industries. They have the possibility to thrive this year.

Water industries may not fare so well this year. Watery Pig is in a year of control by Earth. Fire is the money element for Water and there is an absence of Fire. Water-related industries are related to mobile, moving industries – transportation, tourism, and courier and communication services. Also, industries directly related to water are fishing, boating, selling mineral waters.

The Earth/Climate

This Yin Earth year should be interesting. The preponderance of Yin could bring more water-related issues – floods, Tsunamis, and heavy rains. The absence of Fire weakens Earth (Fire creates Earth) and this may bring Earth-related disasters such as earthquakes and landslides. This may also lead to accidents at sea and aviation accidents since the uplifting nature of Fire energy is absent.

This article appeared recently on www.weather.com which perfectly illustrates the condition of Earth over Water. This article, however, focuses on the more modern issue of this life-giving water drying up and its effect on lakes, the oceans, and rivers.:

Climate change may be creating a groundwater “time bomb” as the world’s underground water systems catch up to the impacts of global warming.

Researchers for a study published Monday in the journal Nature Climate Change say more than half of the world’s groundwater systems — the largest source of usable freshwater in the world — could take more than 100 years to completely respond to current environmental changes from global warming.

Groundwater is replenished primarily by rainfall through a process known as recharge. Concurrently, water exits or discharges from groundwater sources into lakes, streams, and oceans to maintain an overall balance.

When there is a change in recharge due to a lack of rainfall, for example, levels of groundwater drop until balance is restored.

The problem facing scientists, government officials, and water management planners is knowing exactly when recharge changes occurring now as a result of global warming will be reflected in discharge from groundwater sources into lakes, streams, and oceans.[…]

Also in current news, the State of Mississippi is suing the State of Tennessee over underground water rights. The trial to begin shortly after the new year.

Historic Significance

Previous Yin Earth Pig years have been pivotal in history. The two previous Yin Earth Pig years were 1959 and 1899. It’s useful to look at the character of the changes that took place in these years to get a sense of the long-term impact of Pig Year events. And to get a sense of what to expect this year.

An article from 2010 by Jeff Greenfield, CBS senior political correspondent, quoting from Fred Kaplan’s book 1959, The Year that Changed Everything where he argued that history was changed by the artistic, scientific, political, and economic events occurring in the year 1959. Kaplan cites the following hallmarks of 1959 which laid the groundwork for what we now know to be a half-century of change.

  • 1959 brought the first steps toward the birth control pill
  • Feb. 3, 1959 – Ritchie Valens, the Big Bopper, and Buddy Holly — died in a plane crash and Billi Holliday died.
  • The opening of the Guggenheim Museum in New York whose very architecture challenged its neighbors . . . and whose collection was the first wholly devoted to abstract art.
  • In music, Miles Davis and Ornette Coleman, were breaking the chord structure of older jazz.
  • Kaplan says the year was significant in civil rights – a federal commission held hearings, and the lynching of Mack Charles Parker triggered national outrage.
  • And censorship was dealt a fatal blow when a court permitted the distribution of the openly sexual “Lady Chatterley’s Lover.”

In addition, 1959 saw Fidel Castro’s victory and the beginning of his Dictatorship. NASA selected its first class of astronauts, Scott Carpenter, Gordon Cooper, John Glenn, Gus Grissom, Wally Schirra, Alan Shepard, and Donald Slayton. The Tibetan uprising and subsequent retaliation by China led to the Dali Lama’s flight to India. Mar 4, US Pioneer IV missed the Moon and became a 2nd (US 1st) artificial planet. Mar 9, The Barbie doll was unveiled at the American Toy Fair in New York City. Sep 14, The Soviet space probe Luna 2 became the first man-made object to reach the moon as it crashed onto the lunar surface.

The previous Yin Earth Pig year was 1899. The pattern is evident of seemingly insignificant events that became major shifts for humanity.

  • February 14–Voting machines are approved by the U.S. Congress, for use in federal elections.
  • February 12–14-Great Blizzard of 1899: Freezing temperatures and snow extend well south into North America, including southern Florida; it is the latest in a series of disasters to Florida’s citrus industry.
  • February 14–Voting machines are approved by the U.S. Congress, for use in federal elections.
  • March 2– Mount Rainier National Park is established, in the U.S. state of Washington.
  • March 4 – Cyclone Mahina strikes Bathurst Bay, Queensland. A 12-meter high wave reaches up to 5 km inland, leaving over 400 dead (the deadliest natural disaster in Australia’s history).
  • March 30 – The German Society of Chemistry issues an invitation to other national scientific organizations, to appoint delegates to the International Committee on Atomic Weights.
  • Guglielmo Marconi successfully transmits a radio signal across the English Channel.
  • June 27 – The paperclip is patented by Johan Vaaler, a Norwegian inventor
  • July 27 – Gold is discovered in Nome, Alaska, leading to the Nome Gold Rush
  • The significance of Chinese oracle bones is discovered.

In summary, watch for events and actions coming from surprising directions. Expect a fluid and unstable foundation

Watch for the earth to shift – physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually. Make the most of the Yin Earth Year. Celebrate and care for Mother Earth. Enjoy the lavish sensuality of the Pig. Love yourself. Love each other!

To attain knowledge, add things everyday.

To attain wisdom, remove things every day.

Lao Tsu, Dao de Jing




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