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There are many schools of Feng Shui. Flying Star Feng Shui is a subset of Xuan Kong Feng Shui, which is itself  a subset of the San Yuan school of Feng Shui.  The name "Xuan Kong" means "mysterious and void". The term “Star” in Flying Star Feng Shui does not refer to the stars as we would think of them. It means simply a form of energy. There are 9 Stars all with a quality of their own. Some are beneficial, some are not. They are said to “Fly” because the move around the directions North, South, East and West according to the time of year, month or day or hour. Every structure – house, office – church, has these energetic influences guided by when the structure was built. In addition, the structure is influenced by the energetic make-up of the current year, month and day. A Flying Star assessment will let you know where these energies are in your house and what you can do about them.

In the Feng Shui of a home of office, the structure is looked at much like a human being.  It has a time and place it was “born”(constructed) and this time and place influences it energetically throughout it’s existence. The structure is also influenced by the energy of the year. The Chinese were Masters of observation and understood the inherent nature of land forms and their influence on a dwelling or office. This knowledge is applied to Feng Shui as well as Traditional Chinese Medicine. 
There are 9 of these Stars and they move about on a yearly, monthly and hourly basis. 
This is an actual house plan with the Stars as they fall in the house.
Here is a basic description of the nine stars:

1-White Star 

Associated with the Kan Trigram and the Water Phase

  • Positive aspects—nobility, knowledge, wisdom and innate recognition
  • Negative aspects—lack of intelligence, depression or losing possessions, a bad reputation or a tarnished image in the public view 
  • Physically—insomnia, kidney problems, food poisoning, diarrhea or blood-related problems

 2-Black Star

Associated with the Kan Trigram and the Water Phase

  • Mostly a negative Star
  • Negative Aspects—often called the "Sickness Star" 

    • (because of its association with Earth)  property-related disasters like landslides or earthquake damage, or loss of money related to real estate investments
  • Positive Aspects—(rarely seen)  good health and wealth prospects related to property
  • Physicallyhealth problems and ailments, especially the stomach and digestive system
  • It can even lead to miscarriage. 

3-Jade  "Arguments Star"

Associated with the Trigram of Zhen and the Phase of Wood

  • Negative Aspects—misunderstandings, arguments, legal problems and theft

    • can bring too much aggression or conflict, including gossip, rumor-mongering, legal entanglements and back-stabbing
  • Positive Aspects—3-Jade promotes good communications and leadership.

    • can promote courage and discipline when positive
    • is good for those who have jobs involving movement or aggression, like sports, the police or the military
    • can be beneficial for risky endeavors in business or investments
  • Physically—the health of the liver or the limbs

4-Green Star 

Associated with the Xun Trigram and the Wood Phase

  • Negative Aspectsnegative by nature, promote adultery, scandal and relationship problems
  • Positive Aspects—academic or literary success

    • good for sales, marketing or public-relations (because of its association with relationships)

5-Yellow Star  most dangerous Star 

Associated with 5-Yellow is Earth, the Center and because it is not associated with a Trigram,  it is considered somewhat unpredictable.

  • Negative Aspectsmajor health problems, serious financial issues like bankruptcy or catastrophic bad luck in general. 
  • Sectors housing the 5-Yellow Facing or Sitting Stars should be avoided

6-White Star

Associated with the Qian Trigram and the Metal Phase

  • Generally positive Star
  • Positive Aspects—promotes authority, power, nobility and respect

    • Power brought about by "climbing the ladder"  through hard work and perseverance
    • Good for career advancement
  • Negative Aspects—problems with excess ego, loneliness and relationship problems stemming from emotional coldness
    •  problems with authority
  • Physically—frequent headaches, migraines or even head injuries

7-Red Star 

Associated with the Dui Trigram and the Phase of Metal

  • Negative most of the time
  • Negative Aspects—theft, robbery, fire hazards and injury, along with backstabbing 
  • Positive Aspects—good luck with metaphysical or spiritual pursuits, communications and relationship prospects (Salespeople do well when they can tap into 7-Red's positive nature)
  • Physically—problems with the mouth, health issues that require surgery or venereal disease

8-White Star 

Associated with the Gen Trigram and the Earth Phase

The most important Star of the current Period, because it is in its Wang (Prosperous) Qi phase.

  • Generally benevolent by nature, perhaps the most "friendly" Star 
  • Positive Aspect—associated with wealth and prosperity, especially that brought about through work and personal effort
  • Negative Aspects —Introversion
  • Physically—health problems for young children or problems with the limbs, spine or spinal cord

9-Purple Star 

Associated with Trigram Li and the Fire Phase.

  • Generally is neutral, but until 2024 is exhibits its more positive side
  • Positive Aspects— promotes beauty, elegance, joyful occasions like weddings, celebrations and promotions, along with teamwork and success
  • Negative Aspects—sadness, scandal, legal problems, fire hazards, paranoia and addictions

"The highest goodness resembles water

Water greatly benefits myriad things without contention

It stays in places that people dislike

Therefore it is similar to the Tao"


Lao Tsu, Chapter 8, Dao de Jing




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