Kun Ning Women’s Qigong
(Tranquil Earth Qigong)


         Sarah Cherry, MMQ, DMQ , China



WHERE: Location sent upon registration





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We will explore:

    • Daoist Women’s Cultivation practices for women of all ages
    • Qigong and Shengong practices to balance mind/body/spirit and relieve stress
    • Daoist Meditative practices for health and longevity
    • Qigong practices for Energetic Protection
  • The lives of famous women and female Immortals
    in Daoist lore

This workshop may appeal to you if:

    • You are an experienced Qigong practitioner.
    • You are new to Qigong and curious if it might help you.
    • You have health challenges and you would like to strengthen your body.
  • You are an energy worker or bodyworker and need to strengthen your own fields.

About Sarah

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"The highest goodness resembles water

Water greatly benefits myriad things without contention

It stays in places that people dislike

Therefore it is similar to the Tao"


Lao Tsu, Chapter 8, Dao de Jing




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