I am a Daoist Priest who holds a Master’s certification in Medical Qigong and a Doctoral Certificate(China)  from the International College of Medical Qigong (ICMQ) whose curriculum is patterned after the curriculum at the  Overseas College of Medical Qigong, Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Beijing, China, Dr. Bernard Shannon, Executive Director.  I have studied in China with Daoist Abess Zhang Ming Xin who is a 20th Generation Disciple of Long Men Pai (Dragon Gate sect), Qing Cheng Shan, Sichuan province.

I have over 25 years experience in other modalities of energy work. I am Certified Bowen Technique Therapist, a Certified EFT Coach, Pangu Shengong Moving Form Teacher, and a Reiki Level III, teacher and I offer Feng Shui and BaZi consultations.

I have over 2,000 hours of classroom and clinical work in Medical Qigong. I have held a private practice and taught Medical Qigong since 2009. I teach Medical Qigong Therapist and Master’s classes and Qigong movement classes, Reiki, and Pangu Shengong Moving Form throughout the Nashville area.
Spiritual dragon
I am a senior Student of Geomancy under the teachings of French Master Dowser & Geomancer Dominique Suzani, School of the Master Builders. I have studied dowsing and energy work with Joey Korn and the internationally recognized Slim Spurling. I have worked with Rudolf Steiner’s Biodynamic preparations for the land for over twenty years.  
The Labyrinth is one of my passions. I am a Veriditas-Certified Labyrinth Facilitator. In addition to leading workshops about Labyrinths, I also design and build all sizes and styles. If you look at the “Photos” section of my web site, you will see Labyrinths that I designed and built with my team.
I am a 22nd Generation Disciple of Long Men Pai (Dragon Gate sect), at the temple An Di Fu Shen Gong. I am also a Deacon in the Presbyterian Church and a Licensed Celebrant. I am available to perform weddings and other ceremonial events.
I retired in 2008 from a seventeen-year career with The Saturn Corporation and General Motors. I was in Training Development Department with Saturn and then transitioned to the role of Internal Communications Coordinator for the General Motors Spring Hill Powertrain Division. Before that, I ran the family bridal shop.
My corporate and retail careers were different in many ways from this path with Qigong, but I like to think I approach all my work from a spiritual perspective. Work with Souls goes on whether it is with Chinese Energy Medicine, building a car engine or selling a bridal dress.
I have three awesome children, three awesome children-in-law, eight grandchildren and an adorable Frenchie named Ava.
“He who knows others is learned; 
   He who knows himself is wise. 
He who conquers others has power of muscles; 
   He who conquers himself is strong. 
He who is contented is rich. 
   He who is determined has strength of will. 
He who does not lose his center endures.
He who dies yet (his power) remains has long life. ”

Verse Thirty Three, Lao Tsu’s Dao de Jing, Lin Yutang translation