Energetic Clearing

What is an “Energetic Clearing”?

Every home, office, outdoor space has an ambient “energy”.  This energy is defined as all the seen and unseen forces that affect the occupants. Obviously, air quality, temperature, odors and noises make up a large part of this energy. Beyond the obvious elements are many hidden factors. The electricity in a building should be there to give us heating, cooling, light, run appliances, etc. However, sometimes there are problems with the wiring in a building and the electricity is casting a magnetic field creating an unhealthy environment for human beings to live in. Cell phone and cell phone towers also emit unhealthy frequencies for people. Microwave ovens also emit these noxious frequencies.
These frequencies can be measured with specific instruments.  I will make recommendations to avoid, transmute or eliminate the frequencies in your home or office.
In addition to these types of frequencies, the energy in a home or office is colored by the occupants of the space. Have you ever walked into a room where two people have just had a fight and just known there was something wrong? Perhaps the quality of the energy in the room even had a physical effect on you. Maybe you suddenly felt like you couldn’t breathe or instantly got a headache.  These feelings are caused by the energy created by the harsh, perhaps ugly, maybe even violent words from the fight that previously ensued. Many Eastern and Western philosophers have called the energy created by our thoughts and words “Thought Forms”. This term indicates how real and solid these creations are. They are created by us, all the time. Really wonderful Thought Forms are created when we meditate or pray. The forms are created by our thoughts even if they are not spoken words.
Thought Forms
Thought Forms comprise most of the energetic clearing. With my training through Qigong and Geomancy, I have many techniques to lift and transmute this energy so the ambiance is pleasant rather than unpleasant. I can also help you maintain this state in your home or office.
Finally, there are severe issues that may affect the ambient energy in a home. This would involve entities and ghosts that may have taken up residence in your space.  These instances are not common, but if you think you have this problem, you probably do. I can determine immediately the type of entity and I am qualified to remove these entities in a safe and compassionate manner. Many people look on these entities with great fear and loathing. My approach is different and very effective. If you think you have this problem, please call me to discuss it. 
Do you have to use sage smudging in the clearing or anything that has an odor?
Absolutely not. Many people are sensitive to smells and it is not necessary to use any type of incense or smudging to accomplish the clearing. I use incense at times, but only with express permission from you. I only use the finest essential oils, Frankincense or my own homegrown organic sage or rosemary. 
Is this type of clearing work religious?
I work through many religious traditions. I can work within whatever framework you are comfortable. I call on only the Highest Sources from God to assist me in my work. These sources have many names and if Christ or Buddha is the name you use when you pray, this will be the Source I use in your space.  If you are Atheist, I will work from a purely energetic perspective.

To attain knowledge, add things everyday.

To attain wisdom, remove things every day.

Lao Tsu, Dao de Jing




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