Feng Shui FAQ

Choosing a Feng Shui Consultant

When choosing a Feng Shui Consultant, you must first decide if you want a New Age, Western method consultant or someone who uses the ages-old techniques of traditional Feng Shui. I fall into the traditional Feng Shui category. This does NOT mean that I will advise you to only use Chinese artifacts to improve the energy in your home or office. It does mean that I will draw from knowledge of the flow of energy that is tried and true for over 3000 years and precisely apply it to your situation. I am not an interior designer but will work well and amiably with a designer if you choose to consult with one. I am told I have an excellent aesthetic sense so you will not need to consult an interior designer unless you so choose.
What kinds of things can Feng Shui help?
Feng Shui helps move energy. This means that if there is a type or pattern or energy in your home that is not serving your best interest, Feng Shui can help move this energy so positive transformations can take place. Some examples might be:
  • Illness
  • Family discord, arguments, etc.
  • Clearing the energy from new home construction or previous owners
  • Recent trauma in the family
  • Recent house guests (not necessarily bad energy, just not in harmony with yours!)
  • Life patterns you want to change (smoking, drinking, emotional eating)
  • Selling your home and attract buyers and find a new home for yourself
  • Ghosts or other unwanted entities in your home
  • Feng Shui can also help with: 
  • Blocks in career
  • General health issues (sleeping, fertility, anxiety)
  • Attracting new relationships and improving present ones (romantic or friendship or family)
  • Wealth and abundance issues 
Feng Shui can help by moving stale energy and making way for new healthy, prosperous energy to come into your life.
Does my house have to look Chinese after Feng Shui?
No, good Feng Shui is about working with energy, not putting Oriental decorations around the house. Feng Shui can work within the boundaries of any decor—Traditional, Cottage, Modern, Victorian, Rustic, Mid-Century. The principles of Feng Shui are all about balance and balance is not specifically one style or the other. All colors can be used in a home, but each color has an energetic frequency. Balancing this energy is what good Feng Shui is all about.
What will a professional consultation do that I can’t do for myself?
Traditional Feng Shui is a very complex art. To accurately diagnose a problem and provide cures and remedies takes a great deal of study and practice. You can certainly clean and de-clutter your own space. This will bring many positive changes to your life. However, if you have serious issues—ghosts or entities, serious illness, long-standing conflict in the home, steady decline in wealth or stalemate in career, you need someone who is trained in the esoteric arts of Feng Shui to help with these issues.
Many people will tell you that you can smudge and these issues will go away. I have never seen this work. I have had 20 years experience in dealing with these issues and have had training at many levels from superficial to deeply esoteric. I can assist you with all kinds of traumatic issues.
How important is it to clear and de-clutter?
While Feng Shi cannot be reduced to simply doing some house cleaning, de-cluttering your environment is essential to helping yourself maintain the energy brought into your home through Feng Shui. Everything you own holds energy. It holds memories and it holds your thoughts. If you have things in your possession that you don’t need and love, consider why you have them. An old Feng Shui adage is “Move 23 things in your home and you have changed the energy substantially.”

To attain knowledge, add things everyday.

To attain wisdom, remove things every day.

Lao Tsu, Dao de Jing




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