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In considering emotions and how they affect illness, it’s necessary to look at emotions that have been stored in the body many years since the original trauma. Once an emotion is stored in the body, it is accessed again and amplified each time a new or similar situation arises in the present time. As this happens, the body experiences ever stronger energetic vibrations that make it more difficult for the body to function normally. With this physical effect, there are psychological/behavioral changes that also take place.

Behavioral changes from unresolved hurt
Once a hurt is registered, the person feels pain. She seeks for emotional human consolation and response to make her feel better. If this is not achieved, and the hurt goes unresolved, it becomes part of her active history. Distressful emotional memories along with anger and grief are stored in the body. Depression or despair follows next. Finally, if no resolution is experienced, she will detach from life and, since these memories cause pain, she will set up denial mechanism to further distance herself from the pain. She will either isolate herself from others or force relationships in which she is needy, co-dependent and hungry for attention. Many times addiction (drugs, alcohol, sex, work) will develop as well as a  victim mentality (my spouse is abusing me and I can’t leave) or secondary gains from the active denial of the original trauma (My family/spouse shows me love only when I am sick, therefore if I get well, I won’t be loved).
“It has long been said that the original traumas do not hurt us much at all in comparison to
what we go through to not feel the hurt again.”
In Chinese medicine, the process from trauma to detachment is thought to be the Spirit Closing. After the Spirit closes, denial sets in and coping mechanisms are put into place. The original trauma has become a deep-seated energetic blockage.

Qi deviations from trauma
Many physical changes happen when hurt occurs. Most hurt is registered as Betrayal, Abandonment or Rejection. These feelings trigger Anger, Grief, Worry, Fear or Anxiety. (Please read “The 5 Elements” to see where the emotions are registered and stored according to TCM.) Anger causes the Qi to extend outside the body to set firm boundaries so the hurt cannot reoccur. Grief causes the Qi to be obstructed within the chest and abdomen. If not resolved, Anger becomes Depression and Qi stagnates in the Liver. Grief becomes Despair and the Qi continues to bind the abdomen and chest. These emotions are a specific frequency in the body and if a similar frequency is encountered, it will resonate with the already stored frequencies. Over long periods of time, these Qi deviations can cause serious problems in the tissues of the body.
The emotions also cause other specific Qi deviations in the body. Anger causes the Qi to rise. Fear causes the Qi to go in and down. Anxiety causes the Qi to scatter. Worry binds Qi, causing stagnation. Grief causes the Qi to be obstructed. In a healthy body, each organ moves the Qi in a particular direction. The Liver and Spleen move the Qi upward. The Heart, Kidneys and Lungs move the Qi downward.

Stored emotions in the body
Beyond the first reaction to a hurt, the memories are also stored in the body. The Lungs register the physical pain; the Liver registers psychological pain. The Spleen registers the memory while the Kidneys store the short term memory. The Heart stores the long term memory of the pain. This is the esoteric basis for the term “Broken Heart.”
As you can see, many things happen if hurt and trauma are not resolved. All these movements of Qi and storage of harmful frequencies can prohibit an organ from functioning normally and lead to disease. Read Energy and Emotions to learn how energy medicine can help.

To attain knowledge, add things everyday.

To attain wisdom, remove things every day.

Lao Tsu, Dao de Jing




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