New Year’s Blessing Ceremony

Temple of the Tranquil Earth invites you (remotely)!

The Lunar New Year makes its entrance at midnight of January, 2023 on the day of the Tiger New Moon. The Year of the Rabbit should be full of surprises and more tranquil than Tiger Year. At this time, we give thanks for the old year’s lessons and trials as well as the good that came from this very difficult year. We welcome the New Year and ask for health and prosperity, goodness and kindness for planet earth and all her inhabitants: mineral, plant, animal, and human.

On January 22, 2022 the Daoist Temple of the Tranquil Earth will hold a Blessing Ceremony to welcome the Year of Yin Water Rabbit. We will hold the ceremony over the hour of the new moon, CST, 11 am to 1 pm. The Ceremony will include Daoist prayers and blessings, offerings of fruit and incense. Due to Covid -19, we will not invite the public to share in the festivities in person as we have done in the past, but there are two ways different ways you may participate from your own space. You may join from anywhere in the world!

While the Blessing is for the New Year and all who want to receive it, we will include specific offerings in our ceremony, therefore the first way to participate is to send us your name and birthday. We will write your name on ceremonial paper and place it on the altar for special blessings. Please send your full name, birthday, and any special requests you might have for yourself for the coming year (healing, prosperity, etc.). Please feel free to forward the information on the Blessing Ceremony to friends and family who may want send their own information.

The second way to participate is to hold space with us in prayer or meditation from 11 am to 1 pm, Tuesday February 11 in your own space and in your chosen spiritual tradition for the entire two hour period, or any portion of that time. You may link with us with the intent of the Highest Good for All. We suggest lighting an altar, candles, incense or setting sacred space in whatever way your tradition indicates. If this isn’t possible, just a few moments of silent prayer will suffice.

A third way to participate is both of the above – send us your name to be on the altar and also hold space during the time of the ceremony.

You may fill out the contact form below or email to register if you would like to either send your name for the altar or be included to receive the Zoom link for the recap on January 24th.
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