Qigong Exercise Classes

There have been many scientific studies on the benefits of self-practice Qigong. Benefits include stress reduction, lowered blood pressure, relief from depression and over-all improved feeling of health and well being. Click here to go to a page that lists numerous scientific studies conducted over the last ten years regarding the benefit of Qigong. Click here to read a recent article in the Wall Street Journal on the efficacy of Medical Qigong.

QigongNewHealing Qigong

The art of Qigong is thousands of years old. As self-healing practice, it has certainly stood the test of time. The word Qigong is actually two words in Mandarin Chinese: Qi meaning “Energy” and gong meaning “Skill”. In this class, we will use “Energy Skill” to help our bodies, minds and spirits reach a state of peace, calm and flowing energy. We will learn breathing techniques to help quite the emotions and calm the mind. We will learn gentle movements designed to help the flow of energy through our bodies and optimize the possibility for healing and well-being. And we will experience simple meditations that allow the mind to relax and help to rejuvenate the spirit. All the movements in the class are slow and gentle. The experienced practitioner will be challenged, yet the movements can be modified according to an individual’s physical capacity. Any comfortable clothing is fine, but flat shoes or bare feet are recommended. Come experience this ancient art for yourself!

Qigong for Women

In ancient Chinese culture,  the practice of self-improvement through movement, meditation and breathwork, was very different for men and women. They recognized the vast differences in men and women socially, physically and emotionally.  Unfortunately, many of the techniques that separated the women’s practice were lost because of the cultural revolution in China. The men’s practices were preserved through the many forms of martial arts passed down through the ages. Sarah has been fortunate to study with one of the few Daoist Abbesses, Zhang Ming Xin, 22nd Generation Disciple of Long Men Pai (Dragon Gate sect), Qing Cheng Shan, Si Chuan province, who still teaches these secret women’s practices.  Sarah is teaching some of these meditations and techniques in this class.

This class is currently not meeting. Watch for updates and new classes.

Sign up: Email Sarah at sarah@bodyandabodehealing.com or use the sign-up form below

 Private sessions 

Anyone can learn the Qigong. It is very beneficial in helping Qi flow in the body and quiet the mind. While most of the time, Qigong is practiced from a standing position, it can also be practiced while seated. In a private session, you would learn exercises that you can practice at home as part of your regular self-care regime.  The exercises can be tailored to your individual energetic, physical and spiritual needs.  A session would include:

  • •  An energetic assessment
  • •  The exercises
  • •  A  meditation to compliment the exercises
  • •  Written copies of the instructions and meditations for the exercises
  • •  One follow-up via Skype, if necessary

At each hour-long session, it is reasonable to learn up to 4 exercises. Some people can learn more, some people less. We will work to fill your most pressing needs.   A complete set of exercises for a daily routine can encompasses 8 to 10 separate exercises.


$90 Per hour for a single person; $120 per hour for two or more people.


    To attain knowledge, add things everyday.

    To attain wisdom, remove things every day.

    Lao Tsu, Dao de Jing




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