Space Clearing

Please read the page “Energetic Clearing” for a complete picture of the scope of this service.

What does the service include?

  • Onsite evaluation of the issues in your space
  •  Full assessment of all influences
  • Complete clearing of noxious unseen influences (thought forms, entities)
    • Thought Forms
    • Entities
    • Electrosmog
    • Geopathics
  • Recommendation for keeping the space clear
  • Recommendations for mediation of EMF, radiation, magnetic fields, improper electrical wiringFull written report
    •   Note: I am not a licensed electrician. Some of the findings may precipitate engaging the services of a licensed electrician (i.e., ungrounded electrical plugs)

From a satisfied client:

 I highly recommend securing Sarah to energy cleanse any house, apartment or land! I purchased a small 55 year old, one family owned bungalow house in the Sylvan Park area of Nashville in 2008. When I began to discuss its renovation plans or use it as a temporary rehearsal space, I began to notice that there was a ‘heaviness’ to it. As I would walk through it, I began to sense a presence, a ‘thickness’, especially in one room.  Steps to begin renovation were always sidetracked: architects and contractors were difficult to find, neighbors wary of new plans, and other unusual circumstances. Once Sarah was contracted to come and energetically cleanse and bless the house, I quickly found the right architect/contractor and the renovations moved forward quickly. More importantly, now the house and land feels light, buoyant and revived; it is full of life and renewal. 

A. K. , Nashville, TN

Cost and Time:
Cost: $100 per hour (Minimum one hour)


    To attain knowledge, add things everyday.

    To attain wisdom, remove things every day.

    Lao Tsu, Dao de Jing




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