Detailed EFT Instructions

Please try this. It works!! 

We use a specific event/issue in these instructions:

EXAMPLE: (an anger issue) You were in line for a promotion at work. You had a good interview and your boss seemed very positive. Then you learned someone else got the job. This person  has worked there less time than you. You don’t even see them as qualified for the job. You are furious.


Step 1: Identify the issue  – BE SPECIFIC

Step 2: Rate the issue on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most severe/traumatic/troubling

Step 3: Create your Setup Phrase

The  formula for the setup phrase is:

“Even thought I  have”  + <the issue>,  + <self acceptance phrase>.”

The most commonly used self-acceptance phrase is “I deeply and completely accept myself.” However, You may vary the self-acceptance phrase in whatever way resonates with you. You may say “I love myself” or “I’m Ok.” or “Everything is improving.”

In this example, the set up phrase is: “Even thought I have this anger at my boss for not getting the promotion, I deeply and completely accept myself.” (Notice the setup phrase is very specific.)

Step 4: Integrate the issue and correct for Psychological Reversal by repeating the Setup Phrase 3 times while tapping the outside of your hand by the little finger (the Karate Chop point) If an issues does not clear at all, you may need advanced techniques to clear psychological reversals.

Step 5: Tap the sequence of points, stating the issue (called the Reminder Phrase) as you tap.

In our example, the Reminder Phrase would be “This anger at my boss for not getting the promotion.”

Tap 5 to 7 times on each point. You can tap with either or both hands. This is the sequence I use:


Step 6: Return to the original issue and recheck  on the scale of 1 to 10. If it is not at “0”, repeat the sequence from Step 5, only use “this remaining <issue>” as your Reminder Phrase.

In our example, the new Reminder Phrase would be “This remaining anger.”

NOTE: If the issue has not moved at all from the beginning, begin again at Step 4. If it still does not move at all, get help from a certified coach.

Step 7: VERY IMPORTANT – Recheck to see what you are feeling. If something else has surfaced (this is good) tap the next issue, the next and the next  until you can think of the original event with peaceful objectivity.

Issues are like the layers of an onion and the way emotions interact is sometimes very mysterious. Often tapping one emotion around an issue will bring up other aspects of the issue. For example – after the anger around an issue  is cleared you might realize you are sad about the outcome of the original event. Tap this. Then, you realize you are fearful this event may happen again. Tap this. Then you remember the time your father took your brother on a fishing trip and left you at home. You were devastated. Tap this. Can you see how all this can go on for a while and go deep?

Continue tapping the different aspects until you can think of the original event
with calm, peaceful objectivity.

That’s it! While there are many other pieces added to this basic technique, you may or may not need them. This is the basic formula. If this does not relieve this issue, you my need help with some advanved techniques.  Fill out the contact form below to contact me to set up and appointment.

You can also find a myriad of other useful web sites devoted to EFT. Just Google! Also try YouTube for some recorded EFT scripts to which you may tap along. You can search for “eft + anger” or “eft + grief” or other emotion.

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To attain knowledge, add things everyday.

To attain wisdom, remove things every day.

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